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Family Care in Kenosha County

Many people with frailties of aging or disabilities need help completing activities of daily living and caring for their health. Family Care allows services to be tailored to person’s needs, circumstances and preferences. The program coordinates services to maintain one’s health and quality of life. Managed Care Organizations (MCO’s) manage and deliver Family Care services. Community Care, Inc. is the MCO for people living in Kenosha County.

What is Family Care?
Family Care is a state program that can purchase goods and services to meet one's long term care needs at home or in a residential facility.

What is Long Term Care?
Long term care is help with daily living tasks and health needs because of one's advanced age, chronic illness or an intellectual or physical disability. This help can include different services, such as personal care, housekeeping or nursing. Long-term care is provided in people's homes, in small and large residential facilities, in nursing facilities and in the workplace.

Who is Eligible for Family Care?
Kenosha County residents age 18 or over who have long term care needs because of age, illness or disability. Certain functional and financial criteria apply.

How Do I Apply for Family Care?
Call the Kenosha County Aging and Disability Resource Center at 262-605-6646. Resource Center staff will arrange to meet with you to explain more about Family Care and to see if you are eligible for the program.

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